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Landing Page Optimization Maximize ROI 11th August 2010

“Select the right strategy for your website major Landing Pages and maximize ROI”

Crafting a concrete landing Page Optimization Strategy is the basis of successful long lasting ranking. The landing page optimization objective is to improve the percentage of visitors to the website that become customers. As they act as a funnel-point for users. Discovering major landing pages & understanding their true value in a website is significant. Only then we can drive an action plan for landing pages optimization, and can promote main products and services to specific users through market segmentation. What is required is to build trust and boost user’s confidence on the page.

There are certain variables that are required to be highlighted while optimizing for landing pages, including website design and layout that has to be user friendly, website Content well optimized and appealing for users, Simplicity, Call to Action should be placed at the right place on the landing page, making flow easy for the user to reach you and to get the highest percentage of your visitors to take the desired action, which is to generate more leads and improve conversion rate.

In landing page optimization selection and targeting specific Keywords can be difficult, if your Keyword list is general and is not specific to search, you can lose traffic, as users will not be able to reach you by search. Therefore it is very important to concentrate on Keyword Selection, and move toward targeting narrowly focused keywords. It will take your graph up!