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Sales and Marketing Strategies 25th June 2010

Early books about sales strategies (in 1900’s)included keywords like ethics, service, relationships, hard work, doing the best job possible and loyalty to your company. These lead to the idea of building a friendship and relationship with your customers so they would keep coming back. After about ten years, new ideas began to surface. Modern ideas about sales and marketing are still based upon those guidelines with a few modifications of course

The best sales strategy involves four of the following parts, grabbing people’s attention, arousing their interest, triggering their desire and motivating them to take action. There are a couple other techniques which have been proved beneficial overtime, relationship selling and the use of modern technology. Word of mouth referrals among existing clients and prospective clients have been a great medium for better achievement in competitive markets. Everyone knows that the cost is minimum if an existing client comes back while attracting new clients increases cost on marketing and advertisement and much more. Your old clients come back to you only if you maintain the quality of your product and a friendly customer service.

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