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SabriTech also possesses expertise in developing Custom Software Solutions for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Human Resource Management and Healthcare Management.

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Infrastructure plays a vital role in any organization which provides IT enabled services. At SabriTech, hardware, software are continuously upgraded, ensuring that the company stays on the razor's edge of technology.

SabriTech offshore test lab is in UK, is equipped with state-of-the art hardware, software and communication networks. Our latest infrastructure ensures that our customers get uninterrupted, reliable connectivity and seamless Testing Services.

We have invested in the latest secure communication technology for Data, Voice and Video with 99.9 % network uptime. Communication between the offshore lab in UK and the customer is rendered seamless by means of a dedicated DSL (Digital Subscriber Line).

  • 2 Mbps DSL / dedicated leased communication links to internet for better communication. 512 Kbps wireless communication links for backups.
  • Pentium IV based nodes, fully integrated with two higher-end servers.
  • Audio cards, headphones.
  • Online and off-line reference material.
  • Data Security Firewalls are installed to prevent unauthorized access to the network.
  • Password policy in place for accessing PCs & workstations for authorized  access.
  • Access to important files & directories is given only to specific personnel.
  • Online UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) to support power failure.
  • Power generator set to support power supply failure.
  • Transmission of Data through FTP. Own dedicated Server co-located at USA.
  • A well equipped library for assistance that contains books, reference material and CD ROMs.
  • Photo ID cards & access cards with easy-to-identify bands are issued to all employees.
  • Visitors are provided with separate cards and are not allowed beyond specific access points.

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