Software Development

Sabri Technologies has extensive experience in Software Development Services and maintaining Software in all project stages- from creation of largely distributed aggregates to Website Development. Our Company provides all Software life cycle Services- from specifying goals and prototype creation to administration and support of created system. We provide Software Development under all versions of Microsoft Windows, for many Unix Systems (Linux, Solaris, etc) and Java. In our projects we make use of a wide spectrum of latest technologies.

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Interparty Management

Interparty Management System enables operators to bill their customers and settle with their partners on a single modular platform. Interparty Management System supports all operational and management information needs. Its unique architecture allows calculation of multiple charges for each transaction, and the correlations of retail revenues with interconnect cost. As product bundles and their related tariff plans become more complex, this ability to see all revenues and related costs is vital to ensuring a healthy bottom line.

Interparty Management System is able to support multiple business models within a single implementation through seamless addition of necessary modules. Examples of such modules include Retail, Wholesale, Satellite, IP and Inter-Company. The Interparty Management System framework has been designed to evolve with minimal impact to ongoing operations.


  • Implement Complex Revenue Sharing Arrangements
  • Out of the Box Next-Gen Support for IP and Content Models
  • Slash Total-Cost-of-Ownership
  • Rapid Response to Changing Market Conditions