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SabriTech also possesses expertise in developing Custom Software Solutions for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Human Resource Management and Healthcare Management.

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First ecommerce BlackBerry App for UAE market 1st July 2010

First ecommerce BlackBerry App for UAE market. SabriTech developing BlackBerry ecommerce Application for UAE market. Our e-commerce development expertise covers BlackBerry consulting services and innovative projects development, basically related with sale and purchase of essentials like application, themes, ringtones and wallpapers. Blackberry user can buy essentials through Payment Gateways or scratch card. SabriTech will provide scratch card Management system. Tangible essentials are shipped through shipment method.


User will be facilitated with:


Sign Up screen
Sign Up screen
Category screen
Sub-category screen
Filter category screen
Shopping card
Payment Gateways
Scratch Card Management system
Shipment of tangible essentials