Onsite- Offshore Team Outsourcing

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Onsite- Offshore Team Outsourcing

We have a customized Onsite-Offshore model to get the best of both. In that, project planning and requirement gathering are executed onsite at the client's location. The subsequent phases of the project, such as knowledge transfer, test design and test execution, are then carried out offshore at SabriTech.

Your Benefits
  • Lower establishment costs
  • 24 X 7 testing
  • Easy ramp up and ramp down of resources
  • Easier co-ordination


Being an Offshore quality partner, we take deep interest in our partners, we offer a well-designed Offshore Testing model that focuses on helping customers achieve 24/7 productivity and that helps to increase the savings anywhere in between 30-50%.
To take the full advantage of an Offshore platform, we believe that we must be an integral part of client's software development and testing efforts. Our Offshore Testing strategy includes taking complete ownership of your testing engagements to provide not just good but the best.

Your Benefits

  • Lower Establishment Costs
  • Faster Time to Market
  • Risk Reduction 
  • Process Expertise

This model is more effective when project can not be outsourced or the risk to send the information out of organization can not take place.
The duration, nature and need of some engagements often require work to be done completely Onsite at the client's premises. We provide an Onsite Delivery Model that is perfect for executing a testing assignment for customers who are looking to begin a phased approach.

Our consultants with relevant skill set will test the application at client's site under the guidance of the client Project Manager. At the same time, they will also report to our offices on a weekly basis according to the contract. Our Onsite Project Teams can work either as an integrated project team or as a self-managed team.

Your Benefits
  • Ready availability of skilled resources
  • Easy management of sudden increase in Testing requirements
  • Adequate direct control over project