Software Development

Sabri Technologies has extensive experience in Software Development Services and maintaining Software in all project stages- from creation of largely distributed aggregates to Website Development. Our Company provides all Software life cycle Services- from specifying goals and prototype creation to administration and support of created system. We provide Software Development under all versions of Microsoft Windows, for many Unix Systems (Linux, Solaris, etc) and Java. In our projects we make use of a wide spectrum of latest technologies.

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Revenue Assurance

Revenue Assurance System is a first-of-its kind, complete RA solution, designed to tackle critical Revenue Assurance challenges in Telecom companies across the entire Revenue Chain. Our Revenue Assurance Services offers a set of pre-configured Revenue Assurance Solution templates to address Revenue Assurance challenges inherent to individual Service verticals - Wireless, Fixed, Cable MSPs & MVNOs. These Solution Templates address Revenue Assurance issues across multiple Functional Areas such as Service fulfillment, usage Integrity, Retail Billing, Telecom Billing, Interconnect/wholesale Billing and content settlement. Each Solution Template is ready-to-use and includes:

• Set of appropriate Health checks to monitor
• Control points & Interfaces to extract data
• Reports & Dashboards to present results, and
• Workflow to monitor, action & close cases

Using these Revenue Assurance Solution Templates, Operators can dramatically reduce the time required to implement or extend the coverage of their Revenue Assurance practice. Moreover, operators can easily reconfigure or remodel existing templates to accommodate changing Business Requirements.


  • Capture Revenue and Eliminate Loss
  • Launch Profitable Products and Services
  • Optimize Existing Investment and Assets
  • Slash Total-Cost-of-Ownership
  • Accelerate Decision-making and Time-to-Market