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SabriTech also possesses expertise in developing Custom Software Solutions for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Human Resource Management and Healthcare Management.

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Security Policy

Protecting Privacy of your information is a top priority at SabriTech. We have taken careful measures to secure your information on our physical premises. This site has security measures in place to protect the loss, misuse and alteration of the information under our control.

We are much aware of the developing governmental guidelines for the electronic patent record. SabriTech ensures the Security, Confidentiality, and Privacy of all data being transferred.

SabriTech provides total Internet Security and believes that the procedure that we use is secure enough to satisfy the utmost Security needed for such activity. Our transcriptions, editors, and management staff is bound by a confidential non Disclosure Agreement.

Key points of our Information Security Policy include:

Network Security

Each client's process is run on a separate VLAN / VPN when run off-shore/off-site.

Software defined secure tunnels through the Internet.

Only client authorized personnel is allowed to access the VLAN / VPN. This setup prevents others from accessing the Project Information.

Anti-virus protection for Desktops & Servers

Annual maintenance & scheduled preventive maintenance in place for Critical Assets.

Adequate spares are available for all critical infrastructures, thereby minimizing downtime.



Data Access Security

Data Security Firewalls are installed to prevent unauthorized access to the network.

Password Policy is in placed for accessing PCs & Workstations for authorized access.

Access to important files & directories is given only to specific personnel.

All mail and Web Servers are located at an independent  Internet data center.

Backup Policy is in place. Monthly backups are stored at an off-site location and removable backups are kept safe with logs duly maintained.

Frequent & surprise Security Audits are in force to assess any breach with multi level Security Management in control.

Physical Security

  • Presence of Security Guards 24x7 Surveillance systems.
  • Restricted access to each employee.
  • Photo ID cards & access cards with easy-to-identify bands are issued to all employees.
  • Visitors are provided with separate cards and are not allowed beyond specific access points.

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