Software Development

Sabri Technologies has extensive experience in Software Development Services and maintaining Software in all project stages- from creation of largely distributed aggregates to Website Development. Our Company provides all Software life cycle Services- from specifying goals and prototype creation to administration and support of created system. We provide Software Development under all versions of Microsoft Windows, for many Unix Systems (Linux, Solaris, etc) and Java. In our projects we make use of a wide spectrum of latest technologies.

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Testing Areas and Services

SabriTech provides Testing Services in the following Areas:
  •  Test management
  •  Functional testing
  •  Load & Performance Testing
  •  Monitoring Solutions
  •  Business Process Testing

Test Management
SabriTech Test Management processes allow for better organization, information-sharing and collaboration during the entire Software Testing Lifecycle (STLC). Using industry-leading test management tools by Mercury such as Test Director makes it easy to manage testing projects, save time and reduce overheads. Our Test Management Services are part of our testing solutions, which allow seamless communication between testers, project managers and developers, allowing reusability and simplified access by newer members in the testing team.

Functional Testing

SabriTech Functional Testing services are geared towards verifying that a product/application conforms to all functional specifications. Additionally a critical test for an application is how it handles erroneous actions and data. With our rigorous processes for Functional Testing we make sure that the application behaves exactly the way it's supposed to. Our extensive experience in functional validation reinforces our abilities in performing repeatable functional testing with consistency and reliability.
SabriTech Functional Testing Services can be used at any stage of the software development life cycle with testers qualified to do both white box as well as black box testing. Our testers are adept at both conventional and automated Functional Testing Techniques.

We offer an entire range of functional testing services that include:
•    Documentation testing
•    Installation testing
•    Smoke testing
•    Regression testing
•    System testing

Load & Performance Testing

SabriTech Load and Performance Testing Service prevents costly performance problems in production by detecting bottlenecks before a new system or upgrade is deployed. You can verify that new or upgraded applications will deliver intended business outcomes before go-live, preventing over-spending on hardware and infrastructure.
Our Load-Testing services help clients determine how well their applications would perform under heavy traffic and increased user demand. The primary objective of a Load Test is to determine where potential problems exist by investigating both hardware and software performance during high volume of simulated traffic. Using cutting-edge software to accurately simulate thousands of users accessing the online application provides us with information regarding any performance issues and limitations. Specially developed test scripts are used for each project to test the application to its limit ensuring that it would continue to operate under heavy traffic.

Monitoring Solutions

For infrastructure monitoring in production environments, SabriTech offers Mercury Business Availability Center that includes integrated applications and a business dashboard for performance & application monitoring, end user management, system availability management, service-level management, configuration management, application mapping, diagnostics, and problem resolution

Business Process Testing

To ensure the quality and effectiveness of the automated business processes, SabriTech offers Business Process Testing services. A high level of risk to businesses is imminent if pre-production testing is not appropriately focused on business processes. Our Business Process Testing services help the Testing and the Business teams to work in a unified manner throughout the testing process regardless of the level of technical expertise. SabriTech Business Process Testing services ensure that your critical business applications are defect free and fully support your business needs; your business teams can participate in the testing process throughout the development lifecycle making it effective & efficient and at the same time considerable compatibility testing time is saved. Using Mercury’s specialized tools such as Mercury Business Process Testing, our services enable you to:
•    Initiate design for test case in early stages of software development lifecycle.
•    Automate maintenance of test cases and test plan documentation.
•    Manage change impact for SAP applications.
•    Combine distributed tests with test asset reuse.
•    Detect and diagnose application problems before you go live.
Software Testing Services